The Gain Trust™


9/21/2016 - Back

(Note: Always adjust the weight to fit your ability with the given repetition range. Never compromise form or range of motion for additional weight unless specified)

Warm-up: Use the Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) on medium resistance for 2-3 minutes. Stretch your lats and biceps for 1-2 minutes, then do another 2 minutes on the UBE.

1.     Superset – 4 sets

  1.  Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: 12 reps (120lbs, 135, 150, 165)
  2. Wide-Grip Pull-ups: Max weight sets of 8 (use band assistance or weighted resistance to accommodate ability)
    1. Note: in between supersets, stretch your lats. You do this by hanging onto a pole out in front of you with one arm, bring your hips back to the point where you are bent over while still hanging onto the same spot on the pole. Hold for 10 seconds and switch arms.

2.     Triple Superset – 3 sets

  1. Machine row – (do one set lighter as warmup) 10 reps (120, 175, 190, 190)
    1.  Note: Keep your back straight, slight lean backwards. As you come forward let your shoulder blades roll out as your arms come forward at the peak of the eccentric portion. This allows for additional range of motion.
  2. Reverse Flies (laying on stomach on the bench) – 15 reps (15lbs, 20, 20)
    1. Note: Remember to squeeze your shoulder blades together at the beginning of each rep.
  3. Olympic Rows (still laying on stomach on the bench) – 10 reps (65lbs, 65, 65)
    1. Note: Remember to pull up and out with your elbows, not with your hands. This will force the muscles in the back to work more than the biceps.

3.     Triple Superset – 3 sets

  1. Neutral-wide-grip lat pulldowns – 15 reps (150lbs, 150, 150)
  2. Face pulls (with rope at eye level) – 12 reps (60lbs, 60, 60)
    1. Note: Pull the rope in such a way that your arms are bent 90*, hands straight up and elbows above your shoulders. Your hands should end up next to your face. Hold each rep in the contracted position for two seconds on each rep
  3. Reverse Grip Machine Row Half-Reps- 15 reps (175lbs, 190, 190)
    1. Note: Only pull back with your shoulder-blades (squeezing them together) and row the bar back 6-8 inches. The most important part of this exercise is the squeeze of the shoulder blades to develop the rhomboids and rear deltoids.

4.     Finisher Superset – 2 sets

  1. TRX Australian Pull-ups Supinated Grip (hands facing you) – 20 reps (bodyweight with feet elevated)
    1. Note: This exercise involves your body nearly parallel to the ground pulling your torso toward your hands in a row-like movement. Keep your elbows tucked. The elevation and angle of your feet determine the difficulty (feet elevated = harder, feet farther underneath your body = easier). Keep your entire body straight and stiff by squeezing your glutes and core through each rep.
    2. TRX Australian Pull-ups Pronated Grip (reverse grip – hands face away) – 20 reps (bodyweight with feet elevated)
      1. Note: Same as above