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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient that has limited presence in food; so supplementation is common along with exposure to sunlight. Human skin can make large amounts of the vitamin when skin is exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays in particular), however this is difficult for many individuals who work indoors or live in areas where sunny weather is less prevalent. 

Vitamin D helps with the regulation of cell growth, improved muscle and nerve function, as well as reduction of intramuscular inflammation that results in improved inter-workout recovery. Additionally, Vitamin D is a catalyst for calcium absorption and is therefore essential for bone health and prevention against osteoporosis (weak bones). Additional research provides that Vitamin D may be helpful in improving symptoms from both types of diabetes as well as glucose intolerance.

Insufficient consumption can result in osteoporosis and muscle deterioration in adults, in addition to soft bones and skeletal deformities in children.


Side Effects:

In some people excessive supplementation (150+ mcg’s daily) can result in cancer of the pancreas and heart problems (cardiovascular issues). Excessive exposure to sunlight carries its own risks, independent to the scope of our consideration.


Nutrient Sources:

Cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon and tuna. (Consume raw fish at your own risk. We recommend thoroughly cooking fish to alleviate potential health risks.)



10 to 20 mcg’s daily


Further Reference:

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