The Gain Trust™


Basketball Shooting Drills 1

  1. Ray Allen Shooting Drill – Elbows
    1. This is a ‘game’ against yourself to 10 (win) or -10 (loss). Every shot made counts as +1. Every miss counts as -1. (helps to have a rebounder but you can make do without one)
      1. This game is simple. Moving as quickly as you can (while still under control) take a shot from the right elbow then quickly grab your rebound and go to the left elbow where you’ll shoot again. Then back to the right. Back to the left, etc. Alternate elbows using the scoring methodology above until you “win” or “lose”. Fatigue will set in as the game goes on, remain focused.
        1. Note: If the game ends before five minutes have surpassed, repeat the process. This works on: 1) Practicing balance while shooting; and 2) Shooting while being fatigued
  2. 1-Hand Speed Layup (x5)
    1. Starting with the strong hand and standing at the elbow on the strong side, without touching the ball with the off-hand perform 1 minute of layups. Each layup results in a self-rebound, two steps back out to the strong side elbow (touch the elbow with your foot) turn back around and explode toward the hoop. Then do a minute on the weak-side of the same thing. Work to get 20-25 layups with each hand during each minute.
      1. Note: This works on a few things: 1) Basic fundamentals of lay-ups 2) Rebounding with one hand while having full control of the ball 3) Quickness of the first step out of a rebound; 4) Change of direction at the elbow; 5) Footwork to minimize the number of steps taken during the exercise and become more physically efficient.
  3. Free Throws
    1. Make ten in a row, and you’re done. Otherwise…stay there until your significant other/mother/grandmother calls and says if you don’t come home for dinner the dog gets your food.