The Gain Trust™


Big Pull Back Day

(Note: Always adjust the weight to fit your ability with the given repetition range. Never compromise form or range of motion for additional weight unless specified)

Warm-up: Use a rowing machine at a moderate pace for 3 minutes.

  1. Superset - 10 sets
    1. Wide-grip Pull-ups - 10 reps (bodyweight)
      1. You can also perform these weighted or with assistance depending on your ability level. The goal is to perform these controlled with a full range of motion.
    2. Straight-arm Lat Pulldowns - 12 reps (45lbs)
      1. Note: to perform these, start with a two handles attached to a single cable pulley. Your arms should be straight and above eye level. Keeping your arms straight, pull the two handles down simultaneously and separate your arms so that your hands end against the side of your thighs. Squeeze your lats at the bottom and release your arms up slowly, continuing to keep the arms straight.
  2. Superset – 5 sets
    1. Wide-grip Lat (Cable) Pulldowns – 12 reps (105lbs, 120, 135, 150, 150)
    2. Close-Grip Cable Rows - 12 reps (105lbs, 120, 135, 150, 150)
      1. Note: Pull back with your shoulder-blades (squeezing them together) and row the handle back toward your sternum.
  3. Triple-Superset - 3 sets
    1. Bent-over Barbell Rows – 10 reps (135lbs, 155, 165)
      1. Note: Start with the bar on the ground in the same position used for deadlifts (hands about shoulder width apart). Keeping your lower back straight and stiff, lift the bar a couple inches off the ground using your legs (arms hanging straight down) and row the barbell into your stomach keeping all other body parts rigid. Release down in a controlled manner and allow the weights to briefly touch the ground before performing the next rep.
    2. Bent-over Dumbbell Flies – 20 reps (20lbs)
    3. Straight-leg Deadlifts – 15 reps (185lbs)
      1. Note: Perform deadlifts, slow and controlled and keeping your legs as close to straight as possible for the entire set. Feel a nice stretch in your hamstrings.