The Gain Trust™


High Volume Legs

(Note: weights used by 155lb actively training male. Always adjust the weight to fit your ability and never compromise form or range of motion for additional weight)

Warm-up: stretch your calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes for 2-3 minutes. Using a squat rack, perform slow and controlled back-squats with just the bar for upwards of 15 reps. Work on maintaining proper form, using a full range of motion, and getting blood into the muscles.

  1. Superset- 4 sets x 20, 16, 12, 12 reps
    1. Front Squats – 10, 8, 6, 6 reps (135lbs, 165, 185, 205)
    2. Back Squats – identical number of reps to front squats
    • Note: Superset consists of front squats followed immediately by back squats. I.E. the first set is 10 front squats and 10 back squats performed consecutively (20 reps total).
  2. Superset - 4 sets
    1. Barbell Lunges – 20 reps (135lbs)
      • Note: alternate legs each rep so that each leg gets 10 reps
    2. Leg Press Calve Raises – To Failure (180lbs)
  3. Triple Superset – 3 sets
    1. Single Leg Reverse Dead Lifts (RDLs) – 15 reps (60lbs)
      1. Do 15 reps, each leg, holding a kettle bell in the opposite hand
    2. Pull Thru’s – 15 reps (80lbs)
      1. Note: Take a few steps away from the keiser holding the rope between your legs. Let your glutes go back, then drive your hips forward without pulling from your arms (simple keeping the rope where it is relative to your hips). At the full hip extension, hold the glutes squeezed for an extra second.
    3. Hamstring Curls - 15 reps (175lbs, 190, 205)
      1. Note: Hold each rep in the squeezed position for an extra second.
  4. Superset – 4 sets
    1. Abductor Machine - 20 reps (70lbs)
    2. Adductor Machine - 20 reps (70lbs)
  5. Jump Rope – 5 minutes continuously