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9/23/2016 - Arms

Note: Always adjust the weight to fit your ability with the given repetition range. Never compromise form or range of motion for additional weight unless specified)

Warm-up: Use the Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) on medium resistance for 2-3 minutes. Then hop on a keiser (machine with the cables) and do 40 reps of light (25lbs or less) straight bar biceps curls. Adjust the bar to the top of the machine and do 40 reps of light (35lbs or less) triceps pressdowns.

  1. Triple Superset (BIS) – 3 sets
    1. Incline bench alternating twist curls – 8 reps each arm (40lbs, 45, 50)
      1.   Note: Bench at 105*, hold each rep in the contracted position for an extra second
    2. Standing EZ-Curl bar curls -  10 reps (85lbs, 95, 95)
      1. Note: Slow and controlled the entire way. 3-count up, 5-count down
    3. Chinup – 12 (bodyweight)
      1. Note: If too easy, add weight to make the 12 repetitions more challenging. If you can do fewer than FIVE chin-ups, use band assistance to be able to get 5 good repetitions.
  2. Triple Superset (TRIS) – 3 sets
    1. 1-arm Triceps Pulldowns, (then, same hand) 1-arm overhead tricep extensions – 15 reps for each [total of 30] (27.5lbs, 30, 30)
      1. Note: do one arm’s 30 reps in the two different positions, then switch to the other arm. This is one set. Hold in the contracted position
    2. Dips  – 12 reps (add weight or use assistance as required)
      1. Note: Don’t over-extend your shoulders on the eccentric portion (bringing your body below your shoulders leaving them vulnerable). Stop the motion with arms at 90*
    3. Double-dumbbell triceps kickbacks- 15 reps, 1DB in each hand (30lbs, 30, 30)
      1.  Note: lean over so you are nearly 90* while standing. Bring your elbows back so your triceps are parallel with the ground. Keeping your shoulders and back stable, extend your arms simultaneously and hold in the contracted position for 1 full second on each repetition.
  3.  Superset (BIS) – 3 sets
    1. Machine rope curl – 15 reps (50, 175, 190, 190)
      1.  Note: Keep your back straight, slight lean backwards. As you come forward let your shoulder blades roll out as your arms come forward at the peak of the eccentric portion. This allows for additional range of motion.
    2. Alternating Cross-Body Hammer Curls – 16 reps (55lbs, 60, 65)
      1. Note: Same as a regular hammer curl except motion bring the DB across your torso as opposed to out in front of you.
  4. Superset (TRIS) – 3 sets
    1. Triceps rope pulldown – 12 reps (go heavy: 85lbs, 90, 90)
      1. Note: Every gym’s cable difficulties are different for some odd reason. Figure out what your 12-rep max-out is and do that. Each rep should involve a 6-count on the eccentric portion of the exercise and a 1-count on the concentric portion.
    2. Close-Grip Bench Press – 15 reps (135lbs, 155, 155)
      1. Note: Keep your elbows tucked in tight and explode through the entire motion. Your triceps get the most work at the top of each repetition so don’t skimp out on the full range of motion.
  5. FINISHER (BIS) – Run the rack
    1. Grab the heaviest weight you can do a set of 8 alternating hammer curls directly into 8 alternating supinated (palms up) curls. Once having completed the 16 reps, put those weights down and grab the weights next to them (one size smaller) and do the same thing. Keep going down the rack until you pick up the 5lb DBs

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