The Gain Trust™


Core Strengthening

Note: This workout is usually performed at the end of another body part's session, but can be done on its own as a short, concentrated session. Core is an area that can be trained more frequently than other parts of the body, therefore, we recommend adding it to the end of at least two workouts during the week. 

  1. Superset - 5 sets
    1. Ab-wheel Rollouts - to failure
      1. Perform these kneeling or standing (for a more advanced core workout).
    2. Hanging Leg Raises - 20 reps
      1. Hanging from a pull-up bar, bring your legs up into an L-sit position in mid air, parallel to the ground, engaging your core. Slowly bring your legs back down toward the ground. Keep your legs as straight as possible during this exercise. After performing 3 sets, perform the last two sets by bringing your legs to the left and right of center (alternating) - thereby engaging the obliques.
        1. An alternative method to hanging is to use a dip machine/bars to suspend your body in midair and bring your knees to your stomach. This method is great to start with and build core strength.
  2. Superset - 5 sets
    1. Weighted Decline Bench Sit-ups - 20 reps (25lbs)
      1. Grabbing a barbell plate, start with the weight extended away from your chest, arms straight. Perform the first part of the sit-up and at the top bring the weight into your chest and rotate your torso from left to right in a slow and controlled manner 10 times. Extend the weight back in front of your body and release back down to the decline bench; that's one rep.
    2. Bicycle Crunches - 30 reps (15 each leg)
      1. Note: laying flat on your back with your legs 90 degrees from your torso and hands behind your head, perform a sit-up and touch one elbow to the opposing knee while straightening the off-leg. In a "pedaling" motion, bring off-leg up towards your torso while straightening your other leg, and, at the same time, releasing your upper body to the ground and back up, touching the opposing elbow to the leg that has just been "pedaled" toward your torso. Repeat at a brisk pace for the remaining 28 reps.
  3. Weighted Side Bends on Hyperextension Bench - 30 reps (25lbs)
    1.  Note: Use a hyperextension bench (aka 45-degree back extension bench). Lie sideways on the bench with your hips on the seat and your trunk unsupported. Adjust the seat so that your upper body can pivot comfortably at your hips toward the floor. Cross one leg over the other and secure your feet on the support platform. Hold the weight with the hand that is closest to the floor and place your other hand behind your head. Lean slowly sideways towards the floor as far as possible and comfortable. When your upper body is at least parallel to the floor flex your obliques hard as you return to your starting position. After completing the set, repeat the action with the other side.