The Gain Trust™

TrustFuel™ Research

As we preach full transparency, we did not want to just give you the list and quantities of the ingredients. We have provided summaries of our research below so that YOU can decide if TrustFuel™ is right for you. Our goals are your health and your growth.


Our biggest issue with workout supplements today is the lack of transparency and honesty about the ingredients. There is a stigma associated with “pre-workouts” and “workout supplements”, which has been rightfully deserved. We decided to engineer a supplement that was entirely transparent and was not just for weightlifting. It is effective for the average weekend warrior, hiker or yogi – in essence, TrustFuel™ was born to be the honest, effective athletic supplement that can be used during all athletics.  TrustFuel™ was carefully engineered to enhance energy, focus, strength, balance and overall athletic performance. It is comprised of carefully chosen ingredients vetted through thorough research, trials and feedback from qualified professionals. We urge you to read through our ingredient research below: